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Over the years I have been a veterinarian I have been asked many times what is the best food to feed cats and dogs. I used to believe that commercially available dry and canned foods sold through veterinarians was the healthiest option. After 20 years of practice and endless cases of allergies and chronic health issues I was amazed how many pets put on raw meat diets seemed to get better without any help from all the drugs I have been taught to use. The turning point for me was when a good client with a young german shepherd dog came in to my practice. I diagnosed the dog with pannus - a nasty eye problem which I told him would require lifelong medication and may result in blindness. The dog was switched on to a raw meat and vegetable diet and to my amazement the problem went away! I had to look into this further. After lots of research I finally found vets who were teaching and practicing chinese medicine for animals. Chinese medicine has a very poor opinion of processed food especially carbohydrates. The sugars and starches that are rich in processed pet food cause a lot of inflammation in pets bodies resulting in a lot of the allergies I was seeing. When clients were switching their dogs on to the fresher raw meat diets they were removing all the processed carbs from their diet and that is why they were getting so much better. As humans we are told to eat a variety of fresh food and avoid as much processed food as we can. A recent survey in the United Kingdom found the third most valuable thing you can do to avoid cancer was regularly eat fresh fruit and vegetables. ( the first and second being don't smoke and keep to a normal weight). As a veterinarian I was taught to tell my clients that a complete dry food was best. I no longer believe this. Raw meat diets do have their problems -( a friend of mine had the inside of his new truck smeared with diarrhea twice when he tried to feed his dog raw food).  I believe the best diet is a properly prepared home cooked diet following well balanced recipes. We have a great book on all of this at Anicare. The next best option is the use of dehydrated diets. These are usually freeze-dried diets that have the convience of dry kibble but are made in a way that maintains the freshness of the food. There is a number of good companies making these diets now. I feed my dogs NRG - a dehydrated food made in Armstrong BC and available in numerous pet stores on the peninsula.   

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